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Buddhism Facts

Buddhism is a religion and a philosophy which was originated by Lord Buddha.  With 230 and 500 million followers worldwide, Buddhism is the fourth largest religion of the world.  The major fact about Buddhism says that Buddhism emphasize on experiencing rather than teaching or learning.  The religion is based on the teachings of Lord Buddha and the followers of Buddhism do not worship any God.  As per the basic Buddhism facts meditation is considered one of the finest methods of attaining enlightenment.

Some Interesting Facts about Buddhism :

According to Buddhism the eightfold path of Buddhism is main foundation of leading a meaningful life other important Buddhism religion facts include following :

  • The religion was founded in the time period of 6th Century BC
  • The main expanse of Buddhism in India is in North India
  • The founder of the religion was Gautama Buddha
  • Buddhism is mainly spread in Asian countries in the world including major parts of China, Japan, Korea and Southeast Asia
  • The main schools of Buddhism includes Theravada and Mahayana Buddhis
  • The sacred texts of Buddhism is Pali Canon and various Mahayana Sutras
  • The places of performing their rituals are a temple or a meditation hall.
  • The ultimate reality of life according to Buddhism is: “Nothing is Permanent”.

Three Jewels of Buddhism :

The three main jewels of Buddhism refer to three main pillars of the foundation of Buddhism which include :

  • The Buddha: The founder of the religion whose preachings are the essence of the religion of Buddhism.
  • Sangha: according to the religion working together in a sangha or a community is the main doctrine.
  • Dharma:  the dharma or duty of the devotees is to believe and incorporate the teachings of the religion in their lives.

Four Noble Truths of Buddhism :

Buddhists belief in four noble truths of life which is other important beliefs of Buddhism these include :

  • The life is marked by suffering
  • The cause of suffering is desire and attachment
  • Suffering can be terminated
  • Suffering is terminated by following the Eightfold Path

The Eightfold Path :

Buddhists follow the eightfold path most devotedly which includes the following principles :

  • Correct beliefs
  • Correct aspirations
  • Usage of correct speech
  • Maintaining correct conduct
  • Correct livelihood
  • Making right amount of effort for performing good deeds
  • Right mindfulness
  • Correct meditational attainment