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Buddhism Ritual

The religion of Buddhism is a school of philosophies originated and propagated by Lord Gautama Buddha amidst vast majority living in Asia and many other parts of the world.  The religion mainly consists of two schools: Mahayana and Theravada Buddhism.  The religion speaks of leading a pious and dutiful life and the Buddhism rituals include various intricate and detailed prayers.  Praying or worshipping is according to Buddhist ritual is a way of expressing dedication towards God. 

Meditation :

Meditation is an important form of the rituals and practices in Buddhism.  Following these rituals and practices provides a person to further move ahead on the path of enlightenment.  The process of Buddhist meditation includes a variety of techniques which are ways to develop mindfulness, concentration, tranquillity and insight.  The path of meditation is pursued by the Buddhists in order to attain enlightenment and Nirvana. 

Ways of Buddhism Ritual :

With the evoking of a Sangha the prayers are initiated which is followed by the main parts of the procedure of the ritual.  Thereafter the students of Sadhaka or Dharma perform three prostrations which are known as three gates or three aggregates as well.  The procedure includes full involvement of the body, the speech and the mind.  In the prostrations, five parts of the devotees touches the ground to show their respect and love to the lord.  These body parts including two palms, two knees and forehead signifies the five elements of human body including earth, water, fire, air and space. 

Significance of Folded Hands for Worshiping :

The folded hands during the ritual worship in Buddhism connotes a much deeper meaning, the joining of ten fingers symbolize the ten directions.  The right hand represents male, active, yang energy and the left hand symbolizes the female, receptive, yin energy.  The coming together of these energies while joining the hands epitomizes the Buddha’s enlightening activity of Upayakaushalya. 

Other Important Rituals of Buddhism :

Another set of important rituals of Buddhism includes a scheme of practices which a devotee follows :

  • Bodhisattva vows
  • 100 syllable Vajrasattva mantra
  • Mandala offerings
  • Seven line prayer of Guru Rinpoche
  • Mon- lam prayers
  • Meditation on ‘shunyata’ or emptiness