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Four Noble Truths of Buddhism

The Four Noble Truths of Buddhism combines the essence and core of the teachings, wisdom and knowledge of Buddha :

The Noble Truth of Suffering (Dukkha) : The first Noble Truth of Buddhist belief is the Truth of suffering or dukkha which comprises of different kinds and forms of sufferings such as: emotional, physical and mental. In the scriptures, suffering is known according to this group: Birth, Decay, Death, Sorrow, Lamentation, Pain, Grief and Despair, in addition not having what one desires also amounts to suffering. It can also be understood as a general feeling of dissatisfaction. In the basic form, it denotes that happiness does not last forever and the inevitable elements of sickness, old age and ultimately death cannot be in any way, avoided. 

The Noble Truth of the Origin of Suffering (Samudaya) : The Second Noble Truth of the Buddhist belief is the Truth of the origin of suffering, also called Samudaya, it lays down that the basis and cause of our sufferings is craving or tanha, also known as thirst. Simply put, it is our unquenchable thirst for pleasure and pleasure sensations that we suffer, as most of the time we do not achieve or accomplish these pleasure sensations which leads to frustration, disappointment and dissatisfaction. It is out steady and unvarying desire for pleasure in all we hear, see, taste, smell, and think or touch that leads to suffering along with want of fame, recognition, wealth, and affluence and so on. 

The Noble Truth of the Cessation of Suffering (Nirodha) : The third Noble Truth of Buddhism defines the truth of end of suffering through Nirodha. In this stare known as Nirodha, a person ceases to crave, desire and want and with this stoppage of craving, suffering also comes to an end.  Nirodha is to do away with sensual attachment and longing. It is also independence from all troubles, plight, worries, ideas, complexes, fabrication and thoughts.  Upon accomplishment of Nirvana, the circle of rebirths ceases to exist.

The Noble Truth that leads to the Extinction of Suffering (Magga) : This makes up for the fourth and the last noble truth of the Four Noble Truths of Buddhists, also called Magga, it guides us to the extinction and wipe out of suffering and presents us with the Noble Eightfold Path. The aspects and factors incorporates the right thought, right speech, right understanding, right action, right mindfulness, right effort, right livelihood and right concentration.