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Dharamshala Monastery

India Buddhism BookingNamgyal Monastery : Namgyal Monastery is situated in Dharamshala district of Himachal Pradesh. It is also called Namgyal Dratsang in local language and was founded by Sonam Gyasto, the third Dalai Lama in 1575. The aim behind the monastery was to assist

Namgyal MonasteryDalai Lama in his public religious activities and perform prayers for welfare of Tibet. The monastery had also been teaching the young Buddhist monks and Lamas. After Chinese invasion on Tibet, many Tibetan monks fled to India and Nepal. Those coming to India preferred staying at Dharamshala and adjoining areas. The residence of Dalai Lama was shifted to Mcleodganj, and it was the time when the site of original monastery was shifted outside the residence of Dalai Lama. The monastery complex consists of an institute, monastery and small temples.

India Buddhism BookingNamgyal Institute : The Namgyal monastery aims at teaching the Lamas. The institute is one of its kinds in providing education which specializes in Tantra and Sutra. Geitting admission in the institute is very tough. Men have to prove there mettle, by qualifying the difficult training. After the successful completion of training, young lamas are taken in. The process of study becomes tougher from this point onwards. The students have to spend for 13 years, following rigorous routine, and attaining knowledge. These 13 years lead to a Master of Sutra and Tantra degree, which is unique to Namgyal. The faculty here includes the leading spiritual leaders of Tibet, along with Dalai Lama. Another peculiar thing about the institute is that Dalai Lama himself teaches the students, thus providing them with the most blessed knowledge. This is passed only to the students studying in this institute.

About the Monastery : The Namgyal monastery is the private monastery of His Holiness the Dalai Lama. No visitor is allowed to enter the temple premises, and is open only to Dalai Lama and his students. The original monastery has been used as the privately by the Dalai Lama since its inception. The monastery was earlier at Lhasa, in Tibet. After Dalai Lama left Tibet, a new monastery was constructed at his residence in Dharamshala on the same principles of the ancient one. In 1992, six monks were selected by Dalai Lama to visit New York and establish a new branch of Namgyal in Ithaca. The monastery houses three to five monks who come on an exchange from the parent monastery in Dharamsala.

Namgyal Monastery is in Mcleodganj, in Dharamshala. One can take taxi to reach Mcleodganj to Namgyal.

India Buddhism BookingTse-Chok Ling gompa : The inauguration of this Buddhist monastery, Tse-Chok Ling gompa in McLeod Ganj, took place in 1987. The original gompa, built in the 18th century in Dip, Tibet, was destroyed during the Chinese Cultural Revolution 1959, but reconstruction work in Tibet started in1992, by Tenzin Gelek Rinpoche, who is the 6th reincarnation of the founder of the monastery. This beautiful Gompa is at the bottom of a steep track, which leads off the lane past the Om Guest House. The main prayer hall has an image of Sakyamuni, and enormous goat- skin drums made by monks at the gompa. The gompa also features some superb butter sculptors.