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Karla caves Excurtions

India Buddhism BookingBhaja Caves and Forts : it is approximately 3 km drive from Karla. There are 18 caves, 10 of which are viharas. They are located in a lasher, greener and quite peaceful surrounding.

Bedsa Caves : They are about 15km from Karla/ Bhaja.

Pune : it is about a distant of 55km from Karla and a nice city to be in. one can enjoy its peaceful surroundings and an active nightlife here. The Osho Commune International is also a major attraction here.

Mumbai : about 120 km from Karla is the wonderful and fast city of Mumbai. It is also called Bollywood due to its world famous film industry. It has many attractions to keep you enchanted for many days. This city has an active nightlife, which is not very common in India.

Elephanta CavesElephanta Caves : the wonderful island Jain caves are great tourist locations, which can be easily reached from Mumbai.