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Ladakh,Introduction : Ladakh or ‘Little Tibet’ is the land of high passes and beautiful monasteries. The mystic land of Ladakh marks the boundary between the mighty Himalayas and the Tibetan plateau. Situated at great altitude Ladakh is one of the most remote parts of India. The sublime beauty and the spiritual atmosphere of Ladakh make it one of the most picturesque locations in the country. It has a beauty and charm, which attracts all kinds of people. Ladakh is most known for its Buddhist culture and exotic natural beauty. It has a large number of gompas (monasteries) some of them quite ancient, that hold important relics associated with the life of Buddha. Visiting these monasteries especially during their festival season is truly uplifting and enriching experience which should be experienced at least once in the lifetime.

India Buddhism BookingBuddhism is the predominant religion of Ladakh. The high culture of Ladakh is Buddhist, having close cultural connections with Tibet .The influence of Tibetan Buddhism is all evident in the form of various monasteries and gompas found here. The Tibetan Buddhism follows the Mahayana and Vajrayana schools. In these forms of Buddhism, Buddha is worshipped as a deity who has attained Nirvana (freedom from the cycle of birth and death). Various incarnations of Buddha, known as Bodhisattvas, are also worshipped in Gompas in Ladakh.

Buddhism was first introduced to Ladakh nearly one thousand years ago coinciding with the independence of Ladhakhi kingdom. During the tenth and eleventh centuries the Buddhist scholar and missionary Rinchen Zangpo, "The Great Translator", founded over a hundred monasteries in Ladakh, some of which are still in existence. Later, in the fourteenth century the Tibetan monk Tsong Khapa introduced the Gelupka order of the Dalai Lama to Ladakh. With the support of the royal family the Tibetan style of Buddhism became the major religion.

India Buddhism BookingDalai Lama : The Buddhists of Ladakh regard His Holiness the Dalai Lama, as their supreme spiritual leader and as living incarnation of Buddha. The present Dalai Lama, who is the 14 th Dalai Lama, was originally known as Tenzin Gyatso. As a child he was recognized as an incarnation of the previous Dalai Lama, who had passed away in 1933. Tenzing Gyatso was brought to Lhasa and proclaimed the new spiritual leader of the Tibetan people on Feb 22nd 1940.

80% of the people of Ladakh follow Mahayana Buddhism. The religious philosophy of Buddhism is profound and subtle. Every monastery has its festivals and celebrations which are reckoned according to the cycle of the moon During these festivals many tales of spirit and demons representing good and evil is told by performing masked dances.

India Buddhism BookingIt is astonishing to know that within the lap of calm mountains stand a number of ancient yet active monastic establishments. Some of these religious foundations have evolved around remote meditation caves believed to have been used by a succession of famous Buddhist saints for prolonged meditation in pursuit of knowledge and enlightenment.