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Lalitgiri Excurtions

BhuvaneshwarBhuvaneshwar : As the road communication is quite good between the two places, Bhuvaneshwar is the bet place to visit. It is renowned Hindu Pilgrimage with about 500 temples. It is famous for its brilliant and excellent architecture style of 3 century B.C. The place is outstanding shopping destination in Orissa. The Ratnagiri and Udayagiri hills are nearby and offer an excellent addition for the Buddhist pilgrims to go through some other important ancient Buddhist remains and taste the ancient art sculptures.

India Buddhism BookingLagundi : The recent excavations, enlightening some interesting facts, in the Langudi hills, are worth a watch with utmost interest. There are many Stupas cut out from rock grabbing attention, the Buddha in Samadhi-mudra, Sculpture of Goddess Tara, the harmonic umbrella, the Cylin dome etc have revealed a new chapter in the Buddhist tourist destinations.