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Lumbini Excurtions

India Buddhism BookingTilaurakot : Nearby is Kapilvastu, now called Tilaurakot. Lying about 27 km west of Lumbini and evoking the ancient palace of King Suddhodhan (The chief of the Shakya tribe and father of Buddha) is Tilaurakot, where young prince spent his youth. The place is of tremendous archaeological significance. Other than quite a few scattered fountains of ancient palaces, stupas and monasteries, archaeologists have discovered thirteen successive layers of human presence (habitation), the oldest dating back to the eight-century B.C. The eastern gate of the palace is where Buddha is said to have departed on his search for enlightenment.

Gotihawa : Located to the southwest of Tilaurkot, the place is famous for an Ashokan Pillar (Whose upper part, capital is missing) and a huge stupa. According to the legends, apart from Buddha, the place is also associated with Kanakmuni Buddha and Krakuchhanda Buddha. They arrived here before Gautam Buddha

India Buddhism BookingDharmaswami Maharaja Buddha Vihara : This Tibetan gompa belonging to the Sakyapa order, is also outside the complex. His Eminence Chogya the complex. His Eminence Chogya Trichen Rinpoche and the Raja of Mustang established it. Every morning around sixty monks who reside here conduct the Tara Puja. At the end of September, two thousand monks congregate for a 10-day Puja and on 13th December each year for the Mahakala Puja, which also lasts for 10 days.

A couple of kilometres away, a complex of monasteries is constructed on a grand scale. Monasteries in the respective national styles of Myanmar (Burma) China, Japan, Korea, Vietnam and Thailand are among those that are built. Also in the vicinity are the Lumbini Research Institute, which has an impressive collection of Buddhist literature, and a Museum. Both are open from Sunday to Saturday, 10 am to 5 pm (10 am to 4 pm in winter).

Kudan : About 2 km. southwest of Taulihawa, on the left side of the Shoratgarh Taulihawa road stands the village Kudan that boasts a huge structural ruin with a cluster of four mounds and a water body. The mounds were excavated in 1962.

India Buddhism BookingSagarhawa : About 12 km. north of Taulihawa, there is a forest area called Sagarhawa. In the midst of the forest there is a huge rectangular water pool, which is popularly known as Lumbusagar, or a long pool.

Devdaha : Devdaha is the ancient capital of the Koliya Kingdom, located 54 km east of Lumbini, across the Rohini River. It is the maternal hometown of Queen Mayadevi (mother), Prajapati Gautami (step-mother), Princess Yasodhara (consort), where Prince Siddhartha spent his early childhood. After seven years of his enlightenment, Lord Buddha had visited Devdaha and had ordained the followers of Jain Sadhu Nirgandha Nathputra. There are several other sites Kumarbarti, Khayardanda, Bairimai/Kanyamai, Bhabanipur/Devidamar, Mathagadi (ancient weapons), around Devdaha.

Ramagrama : It is the brick mound on the bank of Jharahi River. It is seven meter high brick stupa consisting of relic (one of the eight astha dhatu) of Lord Buddha. The stupa was build by the King of Ramagrama, who was the eighth King to obtain the Buddha’s relics. History has noted that Emperor Ashoka to open it to multiply into eight four thousand stupa. However, the Dragon King of Ramagrama stupa did not permit.

India Buddhism BookingVillage Tour : There are half a dozen routes that take you through typical villages of the area. These walks last from an hour to 3 hours.