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Nagarjunakonda Excurtions

India Buddhism BookingNagarjunasagar : 150 kms from Hyderabad is Nagarjunasagar, the place is named after Buddhist Saint Acharya Nagarjuna came here. 124 km high and 1 km long one of the largest masonry in the world, Nagarjuna Dam, was completed in 1966. It is the third largest manmade lake in the world. There is an image of Nagarjuna on a pylon not too long from the dam. At a distance of 4 kms from the dam is a viewpoint which provides paranoiac view of landscapes.

Ethipothala WaterfallsEthipothala Waterfalls : 11 kms from Nagarjuna dam is Ethipothala waterfalls. It is a mountain stream surging down the hills from a height of 22 meters. The water fall offers a spectacular beauty of nature. A blue pond made on the foot of the falls has a first rate crocodile breeding center. The center is open for public. The chandravanka stream, which plunges from a height of 21.3 m in the lagoon, has become major tourist attraction of the place.

India Buddhism BookingAnupu : Few kilometers from NagarjunaDam is Anupu. It is a site of Buddhists excavations reconstructed here with painstaking efforts. The reconstructed site has the following, stupas, Simha Vihara which has two chaityas (one encircling the Buddha).The walls have shielding of limestone slabs and plaster. The chaityas and monasteries houses limestone columns set into bricks and stone walls. However the lower portion has survived. On the east bank of the river is other reconstruction sites on Anupu which include a temple (3rd to 4th century), Monasteries (4th century) and a stadium (4th century). The monastery has a refectory, a store and a bath.

Nagarjunakonda MuseumNagarjunakonda Museum : The museum houses all the unearthed items including vestiges of Buddha himself, encrypted panels, Jataka Tales, stone images and many more other inscriptions. The museum represents the ancient and proto historic chapters of the region. A gold necklace and a pair of earrings with diminutive filigree work and a remnant of Buddha is note worthy.

Srisailam Wildlife : Situated on the banks of river Krishna and 132 kms from Hyderabad is Srisailam Wildlife sanctuary. The sanctuary is a part of project tiger and also houses variety of birds, animals and reptiles. The temple at the sanctuary is dedicated to Lord Shiva and is considered amongst one of the twelve jyotirlingas in India.

India Buddhism BookingRajeev Gandhi Wild Life Sanctuary : Between Nagarjunasagar and Srisailam on the banks of river Krishna is this wildlife sanctuary which is a thick verdant home of wild animals. The 110 km stretch has been declared as wild life Sanctuary. The forest is full of wild animals like Tigers, Panthers, Nilgai and many other animals.