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Rajgir Excurtions

BodhgayaBodhgaya : Bodhgaya is at the distance of 34 kms from Rajgir. It is the place where Buddha got enlightenment. The place is well connected through road.

Nalanda : The greatest seat of learning Nalanda is at a distance of 12 Kms from Rajgir. Which was considered as a resort for saints and ascetics. It was changed into a university in 5th century A.D.

India Buddhism BookingPawapuri : At a distance of 35 kms is Pawapuri; it is believed that lord Mahavira died there. It is a very great pilgrimage centre for Jains. Jalmandir and Samasharam are two main attractions here.

Swarajpur - Badagaon : The place is located at a distance of 18 kms from Rajgir. It has a temple of Sun God around the corner of Lake. The place is pilgrimage center for twice a year in ‘Vaisakh’ (April-May) and in ‘Kartika’ (October-November).

Bihar Sharif : Bihar sharif is at a distance of 25 kms from Rajgir. This place on craggy rock is visited by thousands of pilgrimages every day. The place is famous for the tomb of Makhdum Shah Sharif-ud-din, a Muslim saint of 14th century.