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Rajgir History

India Buddhism BookingHistory behind... When Buddha was on his way to Bodhgaya he met Bimbsara, the emperor of Magadh in Rajgir, at that time. The king got impressed by the Buddhists beliefs and teachings and he requested Gautam to stay in Rajgir. Keeping the respect of his proposal Buddha gave him a promise that he will return back to Rajgir right after getting the enlightenment. To keep his promise Buddha went back to Rajgir after his first sermon in Sarnath followed by thousands of monks of new order. King Bimbsara welcomed them all and offered Buddha Veluvana Bamboo Grove. This was the first property of the order. It became a favourite residence for Buddha, as it was the most excellent place for the practice of meditation. The place best suited the needs of the monastery, and it was not too far from the city, stayed calm by day and night, and was free from biting insects and having mild air and tanks of cool water.

Buddha later visited this place in regular intervals and quite a few times attempts were made on his life.

India Buddhism BookingOn one occasion a follower of the Nirgrantha Jains cloaked a fire-pit in front of his house and invited Buddha to a meal having poison into it. Conversely the pit was changed into a lotus pond with a flower bridge and Shakyamuni proved that one free from all the inner poison cannot be harmed by external poison. At another time Buddha predicted the birth of a son to a wife of a Jain, to prove him wrong the Jain killed his wife so that she could not give the birth to his child but as her body was being burnt the child came out of the flames. Later stupas marking these places were seen by the Chinese pilgrims.

Soon after King Ajatasatru, who took over his father Bimbisara’s throne and kept him in the prison, came under the influence of Devadatta, Buddha’s jealous cousin. Devadatta wanted Buddha to permit him to lead the order. Failing in all his attempts Devadatta invited Ajatasatru to harm the Buddha. To accomplish the purpose, professional assassins were hired. But later those assassins got influenced by Buddha and joined the new order. The King then send a ferocious elephant to kill Buddha but the elephant got affected by the Buddha’s presence and fell on its knees to give him respect.

India Buddhism BookingRajgir is same place where a young boy came to Buddha asked him to change a handful of sand into gold. The boy was then reborn as the great King Ashoka. Also it is believed that Ashoka died here in these hills and his stupa can be seen here.