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Rajgir Sightseeing

India Buddhism BookingGriddhakuta or Venture’s peak : This is the place where Lord Buddha set in motion his second wheel of law. This was there for three months even during the rainy season. Also, he preached many sermons at this place. Buddha gave here the two important sutras the Lotus sutra and Prajnaparamita.

Shanti Stupa : The Buddha Sangh from Japan has constructed a modern stupa, which is known as Vishwa Shanti Stupa, at the top of the Ratnagiri hills in his commemoration. A bridle path leads up to the hill but if you want to have fun then go by the Aerial Chair lift which works everyday except of Thursdays.

Ajatasatru fort : The remains of the fort made by the King of Megadh in 6th century B.C can be seen in the town. The ruins of Ajatasatru stupa has also been found by the archeologists. This protects the Magadh share of Buddha’s leftovers.

India Buddhism BookingVenuvana : This is the monastery made by King Bimbisara and was gifted to the Lord Buddha on his arrival in Rajgir after his enlightenment. The monastery was the first offering to Buddha by the king of Magadh.

Bimbisara Jail : This is the jail where Ajatasatru kept his father Bimbisara in imprisonment. The King Bimbisara himself chose this place as the place of his confinement. So that he could see Lord Buddha climbing up his mountain retreat atop the Griddhakuta hill.

Karanda Tank : The tank in which Lord Buddha used to take bathe.

Swarn Bhandar caves : These two strange caves have been concaved out of a single substantial rock. One of the compartments is believed to be the guard rooms. The rock has one horizontal line and the rear wall has two straight vertical lines. The doorway is supposed to lead the King Bimbisara treasury. It is also believed that the writing found in the sankhalipi or the shell script gives the clue to the open doorway, which is engraved into the wall. The treasure according to the myths is still intact.

India Buddhism BookingThe cyclopean wall : This 40 Km wall used to encircle the whole of the ancient Rajgir. The wall is one of the pre Mauryan stone constructions to be ever found. The wall is made of the substantial stones carefully fitted together. At exist of Rajgir to Gaya, the traces of the wall can still be seen.

Hot Springs : These are warm water ponds at the foot of the Vaibhava hill. To approach to various temples a staircase which leads to up side has been made. There are separate bathing places for males and females. The water into the pond comes through the spouts of saptdhara, the seven streams, believed to find their source at the ‘Saptaparni Caves’, up in the hills. Brahmakund is considered as the hottest spring with temperature of 450 degree Celsius.

Pippala Cave : On the hills of Vaibhava, just above the hot spring is a rectangular stone carved tower which appears that it must be used as a watch tower. The name Pippala cave has been given Pippala since it became the resort of pious hermits. The place is also known as ‘Jarasandh Ki Baithak’.

India Buddhism BookingJivakameavan Gardens : Lord Buddha was brought to this dispensary of Jivaka for the dressing of his wound, who was a royal physician in the rein of Ajatasatru and Bimbisara.