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Buddhist Pilgrimage Sites in Uttar Pradesh

Pilgrimage is a long journey to a place of religious significance with a higher aim of attaining some kind of moral or spiritual tranquillity.  Buddhism has four such important pilgrimage sites in India including Kapilvastu, the birth place of Lord Buddha making it one of the important Buddhist pilgrimage sites in Uttar Pradesh.  One of the holiest of the lands of Hindus, Uttar Pradesh also includes some of the most sacred Buddhist sites in India.

A visit to some of the timeless cities of Kapilvastu, Kaushambi, Mathura, Prabhosa and Sravasti etc will quench your spiritual thirst for meaning of life.  Situated on the banks of holy River Ganges, Uttar Pradesh is a fascinating potpourri of religions and customs and houses pilgrimage sites of world’s biggest religions and faiths.  A soil of religions, faiths and conventional customs, Uttar Pradesh shelters big populations of pilgrims on a tour to Buddhist pilgrimage sites in the region.

Under Buddhism the places where Lord Buddha, the great scholar of Buddhism had spent his life span are now considered as places of great religious significance.  These places are very important Buddhist pilgrimages sites in Uttar Pradesh therefore witness great populations each year expecting to visit the place of their deity’s habitation.  The sites in Uttar Pradesh which are considered as important Buddhist pilgrimage sites include the following:

Kapilvastu : Situated in Siddharthnagar district of Uttar Pradesh, Kapilvastu is one of the most sacred sites of Buddhists.  The region is 27 km south of Lumbini which is the erstwhile capital of the Shakya kingdom.  Kapilvastu has a history of being the place of birth of Lord Buddha, the prince of Shakya clan and uphold great religious and spiritual worth.

Kaushambi : Kaushambi is a district of Uttar Pradesh and has a history of being the capital of ‘Vatsa Janpad’ under the reign of King Udyana.  The region Kaushambi is well known for being the place of host to the Lord where he returned in the 6th and 9th year after attaining enlightenment.