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Gurpa in Bihar

A small village, Gurpa in Bihar forms part of Buddhist pilgrimage sites in India that are of great significance. After the Buddha’s death he was succeeded by Maha Kassapa. It is believed that while Maha Kassapa was enroute to his favourite hill resort Kukkutapadagiri, he realized that his life was nearing its end.

During his journey, he had to encounter rocks that hindered his journey. He struck all the rocks with his staff, which opened up and paved his way. When he reached the hilltop, rocks formed a cavity, entering which he went into deep meditation. But the rocks around him closed off. It is believed in Buddhism India that when Maitreya or the Future Buddha will appear in the world, he will first visit Kukkutapadagiri, raise Maha Kassapa and get the Buddha’s robes from him. Then, he will begin his new dispensation. This sacred mountain is now called Gurpa where many Hindu and Buddhist shrines and their relics can be sighted near the cave.

A steep path takes you to the base of a cliff with a narrow crack, which when entered takes you to another cave, where Asanga spent his life in meditation. Fabulous views from the hilltop and a calm atmosphere make it perfect for meditation.

Other Tourist Spots :

Gaya :  Gaya is of great significance for Hindus and Buddhists, being the place where Gautama Buddha preached His famous Fire sermon. But presently, Buddhist pilgrimage sites are in shambles. A museum displays an excellent collection of Buddhist sculptures and artefacts.

Bodh Gaya :  Bodh Gaya is among the four prime Buddhist pilgrimage sites in Bihar. This place has a history of attaining Enlightenment by Prince Siddharta and becoming Buddha other attractions here include the following :

  • The Mahabodhi temple and Tree
  • Lotus Tank
  • Shaivite monastery
  • Bodh Gaya Museum 
  • Thai, Japanese, Bhutanese and Tibetan Monasteries

How to reach Gurpa :

Air :  Gaya is the nearest airport, well connected with flights to Varanasi and international destinations like Bangkok and Yangon.

Rail :  Lying on the Delhi- Kolkata line, Gaya is the nearest railhead with direct trains from Patna, Varanasi and Puri.

Road :  Gurpa is a 33-kilometre drive via Fatipur