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Kapilvastu is a holy pilgrimage place for Buddhists and is located near Lumbini. It is a large area whose most of the part is in Nepal and the rest of the part is in India. The location of ancient kapilvastu is still in controversy as both the countries claim that their rites on the location of the original Kapilvastu. Piprahwa (in India) and tilaurakot (in Nepal) are the two different places that are considered as real kapilvastu and thus Kapilvastu in India is one of the famous Buddhist pilgrimage sites in Uttar Pradesh.

History : Generally, Indian historians and guidebooks consider Piprahwa as real Kapilvastu, whereas Nepalese historians and guidebooks consider Tilaurakot as real kapilvastu. In regard to this controversy a compromise is done in which Tilaurakot is taken as old Kapilvastu and Piprahwa is taken as new Kapilvastu making it one of the most well known Buddhist sites in India. Old kapilvastu was once attacked by the Kosala army near the end of Buddha’s life. And the new kapilvastu was rebuilt on a new location after the attack by Kosala army.

Attractions at Kapilvastu : The biggest achievement for Kapilvastu is that United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) has declared Nepalase Kapilvastu and Lumbini a world heritage sight. Tilaurakot is thought to have been the citadel complex of the larger surrounding Kapilvastu Kingdom, founded by Lord Buddha's father Śuddhodana. On the nearer distance of Tilaurakot’s western gate there lies a small museum which contains:-

  1. Housing coins,
  2. Painted gray ware
  3. Northern black polished ware pottery, and
  4. Toys excavated from the site dating between the seventh century BC and fourth century AD.

The museum also has good collection of jewellery and other ornaments of that time.

The Archeological survey of India has a board outside Piprahwa an archaeological site in India (south of Lumbini), which claims the site as the historic Kapilavastu. Piprahwa is 110 km north of gorakhpur in uttar pradesh. It has a large relic stupa, in which relic caskets with Buddha-relics were found. In nepal kapilvastu’s remains of some residences of that time, as well as the remains of Eastern gate and Western gate are found making Kapilvastu a renowned Buddhist Site in India.