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Divine Connection : India is known for potpourri of religion, culture and languages, which makes it diverse on the world map. The list of famous places of Buddhist pilgrimage in India includes Lumbini, Sarnath and Kaushambhi where Lord Buddha had delivered his valuable sermons.  Kaushambi is situated on the bank of river Yamuna that is also part of this urbanized civilization casing sagas of Lord Buddha and Buddhism architecture. This newly created district is 54 km from Allahabad (UP) and is one of the important pilgrimage sites for the Buddhist sect. This is also the place where Indian philosophy embraces divine relation in every religion and gives birth to Buddhism; with the ideologies of Gautam Buddha followed by millions of people.
History and Significance of Kaushambi : It is believed that Lord Buddha devoted his sixth and ninth year here, after attaining enlightenment. This is counted as one of the sites where Prince “Siddharth” had accomplished the truth of life (nirvana) by taking all the pains and found new life, thus abides to the life of every person.
In history Kaushambhi speaks of the glorious past of Indian and early days of Buddhism that spread from India to the world for ‘Ahimsa Parmodharma’ and now left alive with the ruins of that era.
Archeological department has found coins and sculpture of that age (5th century BC) making it one of the important center of Buddhist sites in Uttar Pradesh for its rich culture and legacy. This place also found place in the descriptions of Fah-Hien and also important in Mahabharta age as Kuru dynasty.  The rich history of the place speaks sound and affluent story of this place and attracts Buddhist devotees and history lover from all around the world.

Important Buddhist Sites in Kaushambi : You can see important architecture like Ashoka Pillar, Stupas, Ghositaram Monestry, and Old fort and Jain temples that makes it more interesting to the visitors and history aficionados.
The remaining monument of that age after loosing it luster still speaks how Buddhism that rooted in India after preachings of Lord Buddha and loyalty of Ashoka to the religion that changed his life and send missionaries across Asia, made him ‘Ashok Mahaan’.

Its archeological findings are preserved in the Allahabad Museum.

How to get there :

  • Nearest airport is Varanasi airport
  • Rail is well linked
  • Regular buses from Allahabad