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LumbiniLumbini is situated in the Kapilavastu region of Nepal near the Indian border and is known as a significant Buddhist pilgrimage site. It is assumed that this is the place where Queen Mayadevi gave birth to Gautama Siddhartha and he introduced and propounded the Buddhist tradition and belief. Along with Bodhgaya, Kushinagar and Sarnath, Lumbini came to be an important holy site of Buddhism. This site is situated in the foothills of Himalaya, being 25 km away from Kapilvastu where Buddha lived till he was 29.

Buddha’s birthplace is the site comprising of numerous temples like the Mayadevi temple and others which are under construction. This place also consists of the Holy Pond or Puskarini where as it is said, Buddha’s mother took a custom dip before the birth of Buddha and he too had his first bath there. As the tradition goes, other previous Buddhas were born, reached ‘awakening’ and finally in the end gave up earthly form.

Lumbini was a park located in between Kapilavatthu and Devadaha in Buddha’s time. It is here that Buddha was born. Ashoka visited this site and a pillar here represents the spot of his visit. This pillar was positioned here by the people responsible to the park. It has been said in the Sutta Nipata that Buddha’s birth took place in a village of the Sakyans in the Lumbineyya Janapada.

From the year 1997, it has been regarded as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. This Buddhist shrine has been framed by a huge monastic zone or region in which only monasteries can be constructed and no hotels, shops or restaurants can come up here. It has been separated into western and eastern monastic zone, the western comprising of Vajrayana and Mahayana and monasteries and the eastern cosisting of Theravadin monasteries.