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Pilak is counted in one of the quaint Buddihist Pilgrimage Sites in India, located in the state of Tripura. There are approximately 200 Buddhist monasteries and 250 Buddhist monks in the state and several Buddha statues have been excavated at the site. More or less all the monasteries are small, made of bamboo and straw. From the capital city of Agartala, it lies at a distance of 100 km bounded by thriving green fields. This city, though meagerly populated serves as an important Buddhist Pilgrimage Site from the Hinduism as well as Buddhism viewpoint.

 The archaeological remains found here which date back to the eighth and ninth century AD find a place in the chief attractions here. Other beautiful attractions comprise the fine one of a kind Hindu and Buddhist sculptures at Pilak. Some of the remnants found here include huge stone images of Avolokiteswara, terracotta plaques, sealing with Stupa and Narasimha. This place is closely linked with Mynamoti and Paharpur in Bangladesh. In the present times, additional excavation has been undertaken by the Archaeological Survey of India to know more and get extra in depth information about the history all aspects connected to it about this place.

Pilak is a perfect destination for tourists to gain knowledge about the Buddhist Religion and go back to the bygone era of historical marvel. Tourists can know about Buddhism in India and re live the splendid past. In order to maintain, conserve and encourage Buddha Sasana in Tripura, the Dhamma Dipa Missionary Project has been undertaken.  Under this project, a Pali and monastic educational institute, a good Buddhist library, Buddhist school for children and a Dhamma missionary training center have been proposed.