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Siddharth Gautam led a life of luxury, lavishness and comfort in his palace, not aware of the suffering and distress surrounding the world. He was born to the King of Kapilavastu- Shuddhodhana. While he was traveling around one day, his mind was filled up with sorrow and distress, several questions filled up his mind as he observed the miseries and sufferings of people. To search the answers to these questions, he left his extravagant life to seek the truth.

‘Prior to Enlightenment’ is the literal meaning of Pragbodhi which is located in the state of Bihar near the Gaya district, though now the mountain has been renamed as Dhungeswara. The Pragbodhi Mountain gets its name from the stopover of Prince Siddhartha here. Pragbodhi in Bihar was one of the places where he meticulously practiced asceticism for six years before achieving enlightenment. As the legend goes, the Prince spent his days here practicing asceticism in a tiny cave in the mountain.

The Tibetan monks now look after a little temple in this spot. Several stupas also stand atop Pragbodhi Mountain in India. The Neranjara and Mohana rivers run nearby. Visitors here have to ascend about 6 km to arrive at the historic cave of Pragbodhi. One can also get a glimpse of the spire of the Mahabodhi temple in the distance from this Buddhist pilgrimage site.

This Buddhist site in India is visited by tourists from all over the globe. Some come here to get that perfect sense of tranquility and peace. Others visit to gain knowledge about Buddhism in India in all its intricate aspects. While some people visit Pragbodhi to take in the magnificent beauty and to get away from the mad rush of their city life. No matter the reason, this Buddhist pilgrimage site in India is considered as one of the most important spots in the history of Buddhism as the Prince first made a stopover here with growing realization about the worldly conditions. The friendly monks who live up here and take care of this spot provide tourists with accommodation and act as a link to facilitate a connection between the visitors and the glorious history.