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It was at Vaishali which is located in Bihar at a distance of 60 km from Patna, the capital city, in which Lord Buddha proclaimed and made known the proximity of his Mahaparinirvana. From this point of view, this place is known to be quite significant for Buddhists as well as Buddhism in India. When a monkey presented Buddha a bowl of honey here, Vaishali observed one of the grand eight events in the life of Lord Buddha. After five years of his achievement of enlightenment, Lord Buddha visited Vaishali and the Lichhvis welcomed him in a grand and majestic way.

A great mass of people took to Buddhism here when Buddha exhibited some astonishing and heavenly presentations of his spiritual superiority and advancement here. As some say, around eighty four thousand people adopted and embraced Buddhism at this time. One of the significant and revolutionary changes that took place here was the introduction of females into the sangha; even Mahaprajapati Gautami the foster mother of Buddha, alongside the other Sankya women joined this order, making Vaishali one of the most important Buddhist pilgrimage sites.

Vaishali is known for some of the fundamental tourist attractions such as:

Ashokan Pillar : This Lion pillar standing 18.3 m high was build by Emperor Ashoka has been created out of extremely polished solitary piece of red sandstone. An actual size form of a lion beautifies the apex of the pillar. This pillar honors Buddha’s final sermon.

 Budha Stupa-I : This important stupa preserves one-eighth of the holy and sacred ashes of Lord Buddha cautiously in a stone safe.

 Budha Stupa-II : During an elaborate excavation carried out here in the year 1958, an added treasury containing the ashes of Lord Buddha was found here making this another important Buddhist Pilgrimage site in India.

Abhiskek Pushkarn (Coronation tank) : This tank was the famous spot to carry out all the coronation rituals of Vaishali’s selected representatives. Here the treasury of scared ashes of Lord Buddha was enshrined. The Lichchavi stupa is also situated near by.

Shanti Stupa : On the south bank of the coronation tank, this Shanti stupa stands which and was build by the Buddha Vihar Society.

All these spots mark the important and vital sites in this region which are close to Buddhism culture here. Here the tourists stand to gain and know a lot more of Buddhist tradition, customs and history.