We really enjoyed our trip. You were very helpful in putting together a great itinerary considering we would be able to travel for only 5 nights. We thought that we got to see the best of Kerala. The driver, Prabash, was very friendly and had a great attitude. He was an excellent driver as well. The hotels were adequate and the house boat was a great experience. The Popukutti (?) hotel in Kovalam Beach has a great location (right on the beach) and was very convenient for the walk on the beach. Overall, we very very happy and would definitely recommend your company to our friends. Thank you Hemant, for making it possible!

Suneeti Argade
Country: United State

Hi Deepak, Binata and Arun(kochi),
hello to you all.just to give you a brief note of our trip.

the trip was most excellent and thank you all to make a great trip.we will definitely use you again

kochi- hotel was good and the trip and sight tour was good is a competent driver ,but very quiet.(he managed very well as the car had gear box problem,need to look into the cars before travel)

munnar- good trip and the seina resort excellent was a great stay,had to leave very early to miss the strike on wednesday.

greenwood-the best resort we have ever been too.excellent all around. we reached the resort early 5.30 am to beat the strike,the room was ready and we were well looked after.
the lady called and asked about our trip made us feel wanted.thanks.
the strike restricted us going any where but was a oman as we enjoyed the resort very much.
next day we went to madhurai, sangam hotel was busy.the room was fantastic,but the service very poor.rather had stayed at the hotel which was previously booked.we went and looked at it as it is next door.

Rameshwar was good too.vijju and other drivers could do with a bit more knowledge about the place so we could be more comfortable about bathing etc

kanyakumari excellent hotel once more.

uday samudra was very good too.cancelled all tours and stayed at the resort.

arun kept in touch with us all the time.vijju rang us too once we arrived back to bangalore.i hope his papa is well.

Please pass our thanks to all.

Thanks again
chandu ladwa
Country:United Kingdom

Hi Max (Amrendra),

Happy New Year : )

Sorry for the extremely late reply! I didn't notice your email at the time you sent it & just noticed it today while cleaning my inbox & deleting old msgs. Hope everything is going on well with you.

The trip was lovely. I enjoyed it so much. Hope I get the chance one day to visit the other interesting parts of India. Regarding the places we visited:

Delhi was beautiful. The masjed and, governmental buildings & the palace were very interesting. We used to hang out in the market in the evening. I enjoyed walking around the bazaars & bought good quality scarves.
Agra: Taj Mahal & Agra Fort were really fascinating, but the city itself looks like it needs a lot of development. Jaipur: beautiful, enjoyable, & very tourist friendly.
Amritsar: The Golden Temple was a unique experience. I visited it in the morning & at night...totally different in both timings. It was like a day in another world...a new fantasy world!!

I attached some of my trip photos to this email.
Thank you for all the efforts you did to make our trip enjoyable. Goodluck with your work.

Wessam Eldeeb
Country: Egypt

Hello Vijeta,
Recently we contacted your company for a tour to Rajasthan.We were very impressed at the kind of arrangement and would like to Congralute your company and wish you good luck in future.
I was telling my friends and they were impressed because India tourism does not impress many of us here,maybe you should think of opening one of your offices here in Atlanta,USA.
If I can help in anyway let me know.

Thank you,

Kamala Gokulnath
Country: India