Weather in India

As much distinctiveness reflects in India's culture, creed, color, language, ideas, art and lifestyle, that much diversity mirrors from the peninsula's physical features. The country's each state, each district and each province experiences different atmospheric conditions, which makes that particular area unique among all. India embraces varied hues of weather, which are hugely enjoyed by the inhabitants and more so by visitors. Weather experts categorize these hues under four broad categories, namely Winter, Summer, Monsoon and Post-monsoon. Knowing about these weathers in detail will assist you in determining the place you wish to visit in India, thereby helping you to relish that place's beauty and appeal in its originality.

Chilly Winter

The best season to travel to India is Winter, which India experiences from October to March. When winter gets severe, snowfall takes place and even perpetual snowfall based on the land's altitude. If during these months, you plan to visit India, carry woolen clothes, scarves, body oils and moisturizers, since skin tends to get dry and rough in winter season.

Hot Summer

Northwestern India experiences summer from April to July while in rest parts this season begins from March and lasts upto June. The hottest month for the western and southern regions of the country is April and for northern part, it is May. During May, northern India faces maximum heat, that can cause even severe sunburns. If you are visiting India during these months, bring along with you light cotton clothes, sunscreen lotions, scarves and sunglasses.

Appealing Monsoon

The monsoon season kick starts from Southern India in June and by July's first week, entire country has started receiving heavy downpours. South India experiences more rainfall than North India. By November monsoon season leaves India.

Arid Post-Monsoon

In northeastern parts of peninsula, post-monsoon begins in September and lasts till March. During this period, northeastern lands witness moisture-less winds. Southwest India enjoys this season from October until November.
As you now know the type of Indian weather running in the particular area during a particular period, so proceed for booking your preferred weather in your wished destination!